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The Criterion

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A traditional Scottish pub serving traditional pub food, home to the famous Cri Pie, Buffalo Burgers and the largest selection of nachos in St Andrews.

The Criterion
Zero-emissions delivery in 25 - 35 min


Served all day.

Hot Rolls

Served on a toasted Fisher & Donaldson Roll.


Just Maple Syrup Pancakes

Stack of 5.



Pancakes with Nutella & Maple Syrup



Bacon & Maple Syrup Pancakes

Stack of 5.


Light Bites

Homemade Soup of the Day

Sumptuous soup served with artisan bread from our local bakers.


The Cri Salads

Our delicious, fresh, locally sourced salad, dressed in our own special dressing.



Toasted Ciabatta

Served with side salad, dressing, corn chips & coleslaw.




Criterion Pub classics.

Five Bean Chilli

A wonderful blend of blackeye, borlotti, haricot, baby green lima, & red kidney beans. Served with rice and corn chips.



Macaroni Cheese

Our Homemade cheesy macaroni served with garlic bread.



A Scottish belly filling delicacy made just how mother used to make it, slow cooked beef, potatoes and onions stew served with oat cakes on the side.