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Thai Pop Up

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Tanon Thai street food is your stop for the best Thai food in this part of Scotland! Don't believe us? Check out our menu, order your favourite and get ready to enjoy the taste of Thailand.

Thai Pop Up
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Vegetable Spring Rolls ปอเปี๊ยะผัก

Crispy spring rolls filled with glass noodle, shredded carrot and cabbage.


Vegetable Gyoza เกี๊ยวซ่าผัก

Fried dumpling with mixed vegetable filling.


Tofu Tod เต้าหู้ทอด

Deep fried organic tofu served with spicy peanut dipping sauce.


Sweetcorn Fritters ข้าวโพดทอด

Deep fried sweet corn blended with red and green peppers.


Vegetable Tempura ผักเทมปุระ

Seasonal mixed vegetables in tempura batter with sweet chilli sauce.


Chicken Satay ไก่สะเต๊ะ

Marinated chicken breast on skewers with homemade peanut sauce and toast.


Chicken Gyoza เกี๊ยวซ่าไก่

Fried dumpling with chicken and vegetable filling.


Tod Krob Chicken ไก่ทอดกรอบ

Succulent chicken deep-fried in a crispy batter.


Bon Chon Chicken Wings ปีกไก่บอนชอน

Deep fried chicken wings coated with Gochujang, honey, apple vinegar and sesame seed mixed.


Prawn Toast ขนมปังหน้ากุ้ง

Mixed minced prawns and chicken , sprinkled with sesame seeds, served on toast.


Pork Sunshine หมูทอดแดดเดียว

Marinated strips of pork, deep fried and sprinkled with sesame seeds.


Tanon Pork Ribs ซี่โครงหมูตุ๋น

Slow cooked pork ribs with Tanon sauce.


Thai Fish Cake ทอดมัน

Traditional spice fish cake with sweet chilli sauce and crushed peanuts.


Tod Krob Squid ปลาหมึกทอดกรอบ

Crispy fried squid with sweet chill sauce.


Edamame ถั่วและญี่ปุ่น

Edamame pods with sea salt.


Thai Curry

Green Curry แกงเขียวหวาน

Thai green curry paste cooked in coconut milk with bamboo shoots, green beans, peppers, broccoli and courgettes.


Red Curry แกงแดง

Thai red curry paste cooked in coconut milk with bamboo shoots, green beans, peppers, broccoli and courgettes


Panang Curry แพนง

A rich coconut curry flavoured with chillies and lime leaves.


Chicken Massaman Curry มัสมันไก่

Chunky pieces of chicken stewed with massaman curry sauce, palm sugar and tamarind sauce, crowned with roasted sweet potatoes, cashews nuts and fried shallots.


Fruity Duck Curry แกงเผ็ดเป็ดอบ

Roasted duck breast in red curry with pineapple, grapes, cherry tomatoes and bamboo shoot.


Main Dishes

Teriyaki Chicken ไก่ซอสเทอริยากิ

Crispy chicken thigh on shredded carrot and iceberg tempura, topped with sweet teriyaki sauce.


Chicken Cashews Nuts ไก่เม็ดมะม่วง

Stir fried crispy chicken breast with mixed vegetable, cashews nuts, roasted chilli, a dash of sesame oil and Thai chilli jam.


Teriyaki salmon ซาลมอลซอสเทอริยากิ

Pan- fried salmon fillet on shred carrot and iceberg tempura, topped with sweet teriyaki sauce.


Roasted Duck Chu Chee เป็ดฉู่ฉี่

Marinated duck breast with chu chee curry sauce and seasonal vegetables.


Spicy Jungle ผัดฉ่ากะทิ

Wok-fried with curry paste, green beans , bamboo shoots, baby corn, peppers, grachai, young peppercorns and coconut milk.


Sweet & Sour ผัดเปี้ยวหวาน

Thai style sweet and sour sauce stir fried with pineapple, onions , peppers and spring onions.


Fresh Ginger Stir-fried ผัดขิง

Wok fried with fresh shred ginger, mushrooms, spring onions, peppers and Chiness black fungi.


Chilli Thai Basil ผัดกระเพรา

Spicy stir fried with fresh chillies, garlic, onions, green beans , peppers and holy basils.


Garlic & Pepper ผัดกระเทียมพริกไทย

A classic street food dish bring out the perfect combination of garlic and ground pepper.


Thai Roasted Chilli Jam Stir-Fried ผัดน้ำพริกเผา

Spicy and sweet wok fried Thai roasted chilli jam with baby corns , mushrooms, onions and broccoli.


Mixed Vegetable Stir-Fried ผัดผักรวม

Mixed seasonal vegetables stir fried with light soy sauce.