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Authentic homemade Italian dishes directly from Cristina's kitchen!

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Da Cristina
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Pasta Dishes

Baked Lasagna Bolognese con Mozzarella di Bufala

Homemade fresh egg pasta made with 5 layers of beef and pork mince Bolognese sauce, white béchamel sauce, parmesan and mozzarella buffalo cheese.


Baked Lasagna di Funghi

Homemade fresh egg pasta made with 5 layers of truffle white bechamel sauce, mixed of mushroom, asparagus cream, parmesan and provolone cheese.



Special Dishes

Polpette Fritte di Mia Nonna (4 pieces)

Ground meat beef and ham rolled into a small ball with parmesan, onion and creamy and cheesy in the centre and crusted with bread crumb and paprika potato chips. Served with green salad and balsamic dressing.


Parmigiana di Melanzana

One of the most iconic Sicilian dishes made with fried aubergine slices, layered with datterini tomato sauce, parmesan and mozzarella buffalo cheese and then baked 'til golden brown.


Pollo ai Peperoni (Gluten and Dairy Free)

An Italian classic dish in Rome, is a braise chicken legs in white wine sauce with cherry tomato, onion, caramelized mix pepper and roast potato.


Polpettine al Sugo di Datterini (4 pieces)

Typical classic Italian Sunday lunch and Grandma’s recipe are beef and pork meatball baked in a rich san Marzano tomato sauce with a melting mozzarella topping.


Italian Sweet Treats


The most popular Italian dessert in the world. A no-bake dessert combining espresso coffee-dipped lady fingers and a creamy lightly sweetened mascarpone cream.