Build your brand, while saving the world.

ecoeats is the best of everything for your restaurant. We'll handle the delivery, you handle the food.

What makes us so special?

🍟Independents Only!

We're sick and tired of seeing KFC, McDonalds and Burger King at the top of the list everywhere you look. We're making it easier than ever for your local, independent restaurants to thrive on a platform made just for them 🤟 Pictured: The other food delivery companies when they hear about us.

🤑Amazing Commissions

Take home multiple times the profit you would get on Deliveroo & Uber Eats. You'll get a fantastic deal on delivery commissions when using ecoeats - waaaay better than you'd get with any of the larger delivery apps.

🔥No Artificial Competition

We do not own any 'Deliveroo Editions' or 'Uber Cloud' style dark kitchens that steal business from you. ecoeats is committed to working with local, independent restaurants to give you the very best deal we can. Pictured: Big corporate chains stealing your revenue by promoting their own Dark Kitchens in your area.

🌳100% CO2 Free

We save the planet, baby. Every order comes in an electric car or a bike. If your restaurant is looking to make a difference for the planet, we've got you covered.

🍱Reusable Containers

Make your restaurant super eco-friendly by switching some of your orders to our Reusable Containers solution. We'll make it possible for customers to order from you in zero-waste packaging, which we supply to you for price of the single-use plastic you already use. Customers want a way to be even more eco-friendly and they will spend more at your restaurant if you have this option!

💎Next Level Loyalty

Customers want a reason to keep coming back, we've given them it with ecoeats Rewards. You can make customers fall in love with your restaurant again and again with Rewards. Whether it's a free coffee after five visits or a whole meal after ten, we give you the flexibility to make it happen.

🎁Access Customers' Social Networks

With the ability to send personalised gifts of your food to one another, customers take care of spreading the word about your restuarant. They can can send their Mum a Cocktail for her birthday, their best mate a burger when they're having a hard week, or a pizza to that special someone.

🤟Locally Owned

Started by University of St Andrews Students, ecoeats isn't backed by massive conglomerates like Uber or Amazon's Deliveroo. We care about local people, local restaurants, the environment, and great food!

🤠Speak to a Human

We're a small team, but we make it our priority to have you talking to a human from ecoeats every time you call. Need help? Want to discuss something? Give us a call and you'll talk to a real person.

🧐 So how do we stack up?

DeliverooUber EatsJust Eat

Independents Only!

Amazing Commissions

No Artificial Competition

100% CO2 Free

Reusable Containers

Next Level Loyalty

Access Customers' Social Networks

Locally Owned

Speak to a Human

Great Technology

🥰 Trusted by hundreds of Restaurants

📱 Using ecoeats

The easiest way for your kitchen to start accepting orders is via our Ordering Tablet. We'll send it to you for free when you sign up!

Your account manager will walk you through getting it set up, our menu team will quickly set up your Restaurant on our platform and you'll be accepting orders in no time.

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