ecomove: The future of on-demand delivery.

We deliver groceries, food, retail items and packages.

What makes us so special?

💯Business Agnostic

ecomove works for any business type. We work with grocers, retail stores and small businesses to power their last-mile needs.

🚀Seriously Fast

We aim to deliver your packages in as little as 10 minutes.

🤖Exceptional Technology

We've been running last mile logistics infrastructure for years. We began delivering only takeaway, building up serious operational experience. Now, we're offering that unparalled experience to your business to solve your last-mile needs.

💪Industry-leading Reliability

Other last mile couriers use fleets of self-employed workers that have limited motivation to deliver for those services due to volume constraints. Since ecomove is part of ecoeats, our riders receiver consistent volume through the platform. The end result is more riders, better availability for your business and a supremely reliable experience.

🌳100% CO₂ Free

We save the planet. Every delivery is completed in an electric car or a bike. Your business immediately gains a positive environmental image when switching to ecomove for your last-mile logistics.

🤟Locally Owned

Started by University of St Andrews Students, ecomove isn't backed by massive conglomerates like Uber or Amazon's Deliveroo. Come work with a company that supports local business, local delivery riders and makes the world a better place.

🧐 What can ecomove do?

Deliver from any vertical, like grocers, shops, restaurants & small businesses

Deliver to unlimited destinations from a single pickup

Provide flexible pricing for delivery types

No contract required, just start sending

💪 Powerful & Flexible Products

Access a powerful dashboard that allows you to ship, track and monitor packages for your business.

Ready for exceptional last-mile deliveries?

Use Cases


Accept orders over the phone and get them to local customers without employing delivery drivers.

Facebook Marketplace

Ship items from your local store across town in as little as 10 minutes.

Candle Shop

Accept local customer orders and have them delivered within 10 minutes.

Client Returns

Deal with returned produce by scheduling pickups directly from your customers to your store. Take the hassle out of local returns with ecomove.