Delivering a fairer deal 🤝

We empower people to improve their wellbeing and lower their carbon footprint whilst supporting local businesses.

Our Goal

ecoeats is here for one purpose - to make sustainability convenient 🌍

Our Story

University of St Andrews students Phil and Stewart cooked up ecoeats as part of their mission to revolutionise the world of food delivery.

The two met in a cafe in St Andrews where Phil pitched Stewart the idea of a lifetime - the chance to change the world by removing the need for petrol and single use plastics in the takeaway world.

With Stewart building the technology and Phil running the company, it was a guaranteed success.

Our Partners

Our partners are fabulous and unique independent businesses - plus a highly select group of chains - who are committed to sustainability, healthy options, community and diversity. All of our chain partners support our Fairer Deal Pledge, which is in place to ensure a level playing field so that independent businesses can thrive too. Together we are one big family that cares for each other. We only succeed when our partners succeed.

Our Culture

Fairness is our founding value. It is vital that our workforce reflects the diversity of the communities we serve. This means we absolutely require our leaders to pursue fairness with a passion across all settings. We demand our leaders to seek varied perspectives and to hire people from a wide range of backgrounds. Diversity helps us to make better and fairer decisions.

Fairer Deal Pledge

ecoeats will not operate substantially differentiated pricing for independent and chain partners. We will offer a highly competitive and fair deal to independent businesses, always. We are dedicated to the preservation of a diverse high street in which independent food businesses thrive.