A food delivery app that doesn't kill polar bears.

🍟Independents Only!

What makes us so special?

🍟Independents Only!

We're sick and tired of seeing KFC, McDonalds and Burger King at the top of the list everywhere you look. We're making it easier than ever for your local, independent restaurants to thrive on a platform made just for them 🀟 Pictured: The other food delivery companies when they hear about us.

🌳100% COβ‚‚ Free

We save the planet, baby. Every order comes in an electric car or a bike.

🍱Reusable Containers

Order food in reusable containers and we'll pick them up the next day. No plastic goes into the ocean and you get a valet service! Did you know that 95% of packaging is thrown out after just one use? What about that just 14% of plastic makes it to a recycling centre, and of that only 8% is recycled? Order with ecoeats, enable Reusable Containers, make a difference!

πŸ’ŽFree Food

Earn free food rewards from your favourite restaurants. Look out for restaurants with a Reward card. You'll earn free food when you order with them!

🎁Send Gifts to Friends

Send food gifts to friends to show how much they mean to you! You can send your Mum a Cocktail for her birthday, your best mate a burger when they're having a hard week, or a pizza for that special someone. Friends can use your gift the next time they order from ecoeats! Get the app to send gifts.

🀟Locally Owned

Started by University of St Andrews Students, ecoeats isn't backed by massive conglomerates like Uber or Amazon's Deliveroo. We care about local people, local restaurants, the environment, and great food!

We only support local businesses.

You won't find big chains on ecoeats. We only work with local independent businesses 🀘

Zero-emissions delivery of your favourite restaurants, always.

We work with hundreds of local restaurants to bring delicious food straight to your door. Every order comes in an electric car or bike!

We’re making takeaway feel good again.

We love food and the planet. That's why we want you to be a part of our takeaway revolution - so get yourself something nice!

Become a Rider

Get flexible work that fits your schedule. Come online and accept orders whenever you like, we'll be waiting.